The World Awaits You

When I was just graduating Hofstra University back in 2010, I was struggling to put together my résumé and my first portfolio site to find work. Picking out the right pieces, writing about the process behind each of them, etc. was a pain in the ass for me. Still is. Telling this to my biggest supporter – my mother – she simply replied,

“Finish that web site, update your resume and get that portable portfolio together. The world awaits you.” To this day, it’s one of the best things anyone has ever said to me — so much so, I wanted it on a t-shirt. I even asked my mom to write it out, which I then digitized and stylized in Adobe Illustrator.

Thank you, Mom, for spending past almost 30 years putting a battery in my back to be at my absolute best. And for anyone else pushing to make a dream happen, The World Awaits You, too.