#CLOSErikers is a New York City-based campaign dedicated to closing Rikers Island.

Soon after joining JustLeadershipUSA, one of my first major tasks was to create a logo, website, and rally materials for the #CLOSErikers campaign, which officially launched April 14th, 2016.


Under the direction of JustLeadershipUSA (JLUSA) Founder Glenn E. Martin, the logo & branding of the campaign was to to remain close to JLUSA’s signature magenta color and fonts. The logo was to be something simple, but impactful. I drafted a couple of logos that centered around the island. However, with the campaign itself as essentially a hashtag, I decided to design something that incorporated this concept. This final version was loved and accepted as the official logo of the campaign.


After finalizing the logo, I developed a WordPress-based website detailing the campaign, the tragic history that fueled its creation, and  the various ways for the community to support the movement.

Tasks included:

  • Customizing a responsive, parallax-based Wordpress template
  • Including the approved logo, as well as creating other engaging graphics to bolster the blog’s identity
  • Integrating SEO methods and keywords to drive traffic and boost Google search results
  • Integrating social media outlets (e.g. widgets, automated updates to Twitter and Facebook, commenting system)
  • Organizing the back-end of the site to easily allow authors and editors (previously unfamiliar with WordPress) to post content


In addition to designing various graphics and printed materials, I handled photography at many #CLOSErikers events.

Final version of 125th St. Billboard
Final Billboard on Display at 125th St. & Lenox Ave.

Playlist of the three Times Square Billboard Panels

Final Billboard on Display in Times Square (49th St. & 7th Ave.)


In November 2017, the #CLOSErikers campaign took a leap forward in awareness promotion by purchasing billboard space in both Times Square and Harlem in New York City. I was responsible for the design of each — one being a print format located on 125th St. & Lenox Ave., and the other a large, 3-panel video on 49th St. & 7th Ave.

The 125th St. billboard was a 48-foot advertisement designed to raise awareness of the campaign and injustices of Rikers Island in a community directly impacted by the jail complex. After a number of revisions, it was decided to showcase the exorbitant cost to house a single detainee for a year.

The Times Square billboard was a much more ambitious project, entailing a 3-panel digital display, the middle panel being over 100-feet tall. Each panel displayed a 15-second video comprised of a number of statistics, video footage, and a call to action towards New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio.

Both advertisements ran during the month of October 2017.